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hey...go for a walk...every step you take builds a tree in the app, and when you create a tree...we'll plant a tree to honor your achievement...

build a tree.png

our tao is to both turbocharge you into movin' & to tame climate-change


instead of being 'bored' by this & the ho-hum deflating dystopia of data...


be inspired+ motivated with every 'step' & enjoy your tree grow!

NFT making.jpg

connect with community: collaborate in amazing curation of 'images' created & craft into a mosaic-mural and NFT!

the tree.jpg

we're supercharged to synergize something special for you...every input can be quantified and transformed into an action-result. In this basic example: every strand is a person achieving their 'workout', and the color can be assigned a value-metric aswell

basic tree P1NEapped.png
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