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Because exercise stats and graphs are boring...

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Break away from old, boring fitness stats and enter a world of color! With p1neapp you can transform your movements into works of art: That evening run you just took…now it’s a nighttime sky, and every step you took became a star. Get kids active by letting them create their own motion art. Kids can jump, run, dance, and play to create colorful explosions of pattern. p1neapp is for anyone, whether you take slow walks or high-energy spin classes. The world needs more art, not more data!


Ways you can use p1neapp:


– Commemorate a physical achievement. Did you climb a mountain or run a marathon? Now you can create a visual, artistic representation of your actual movements, exertion, and steps to hang it on your wall. Your new art isn’t just a beautiful pattern, it’s your winning match, your trek through the Grand Canyon, or your grandchild’s day at the park.


– Motivate yourself to move. Did you know most fitness data uses fear-based motivation? “Don’t miss a day! Keep your streak going! Do better than last time!” All these graphs and charts can induce more stress in our already stressful lives! p1neapp works by taking out the stress and replacing it with art. Every time you use p1neapp you’ll be activating positive emotions, as your movement creates beauty and joy.


– Share in community art. p1neapp allows communities to share in the creation of art that can be displayed anywhere from the community center, to the conference room, to the school classroom. p1neapp’s algorithms allow each work of art to be unique to the user and their movements. Kids and adults alike will be excited to have their movement displayed for all to see! 

Welcome to the new movement in fitness. Welcome to p1neapp!

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