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Welcome to the new movement in wellness. Welcome to

Break away from old, boring fitness stats and enter a world of color! With p1neapp you can transform your movements into works of art.

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The world needs more art,
not more data!

That evening run you just took…now it’s a nighttime sky and every step became a star. Get kids moving by letting them create their own motion art. Jump, run, dance, and play to create colorful explosions and patterns. Whether you take slow walks or high-energy spin classes p1neapp is for you.

Visualize your wellness journey

30+ Art Styles

With new art styles added monthly, your wellness journey does not have to be dull, it can be artistic too with P1neapp.

Personalized Content

Motivate your wellness journey with personalized art that tells your story.

Community Support

Community is an important component of your wellness journey. Share your creations with others.


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